This phase is divided into two stages: a first analysis of the order to formulate the costs, a subsequent depth study to confirm the products. A thorough knowledge of all phases allows us to be very careful in formulating an offer.


Prototyping is a very important step before mass production. At the same time of the prototyping run the realization of the equipment and molds, and all the masks for welding and for additional machining. We can also create pre-series before finally start mass production thanks to the malleability of the entire production chain.


The mass production starting from the raw material in semi finished sections which are processed entirely in Nitesco factory. We operate the cutting, the punching, the manual and automated welds, the welding finishing and all the additional processing of thread / tapping, pressing.

At each stage of work is done a quality and dimensional control in order to in modo da guarantee customers quality products with the characteristics required.


Thanks to the epoxy powder coating chain the raw product enters and leaves ready for the next process, packaging and shipment to the customer. The system is characterized by washing, drying, 2 powder coating booths automated and manual and oven. We can paint pieces up to 300 cm.

With this system we can paint lots of different supplies in line with very limited machine downtime.


Once the painting cycle has finished the products can be immediately redirected to the 5 packing stations for packaging and palletizing boxes, All our products are boxed in custom packaging and once palletized are wrapped in several layers of plastic film, essential operation to prevent shaking and damage during loading and transport.

We also have a wide area for the storage of the finished product providing extremely space optimization used to handling the material and loading and unloading goods from trucks arriving and departing from the factory.