For over 10 years we are in the international market providing our customers with products of medium-high level we can satisfy demands for high volume supplies thanks to the equipment we use.
We have grown proportionally in the years till today increasing at each step the service time the quality of products, technologies and methods seeking continuous innovation.

We have a new plant in a covered area of 6000 square meters able to work carefully to complete the continuous requests from our customers, with whom we keep in close contact to achieve optimum results at every step.

Nitesco has always stood in optimizing processes with the aim to manage all the production steps directly within its own structure avoiding to empower to third parties any step of the production that necessarily imply disruptions in the production cycle. Precisely for this reason have been introduced in the company the LEAN PRODUCTION PROCEDURES, maximum expression of quality in the production process.

Thanks to this we have used our energies in feeding our supply technologies, machines and know how and experimenting new methods in each step of production.